Air Asia A330NEO

Air Asia A330NEO

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About Air Asia

Malaysia’s low cost airline, Air Asia (Based in Kuala Lumpur) recently ordered a whopping 66 Airbus A330NEO’s with 2 extra being leased. They will be placed along side their already existing 36 A330’s. Each plane haves been configured with 12 premium flatbeds and 377 standard seats. It will have a range of 12,130km.

I hope in the future the developers would consider adding the next generation A330NEO family to Infinite Flight, and along with Air Asia livery. I am still very greatful that they added the older A330 Air Asia livery, but adding this’ll would just be the cherry on top.

What’s your thoughts?

Thank you for reading my feature request!


I don’t think Infinite Flight is fine with putting a newer A330 since we already have an A330 and there are still other airplanes that are on high demand. I hope this gets through but I doubt it since Infinite Flight is complicated

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Yeah, good point, but you just never know do yoi… 💁‍♂️

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I doubt it will be added as it is a new aircraft with not a lot of liveries, so having only one livery would make no sense. I’d wait until maybe next year when we know more about the aircraft for livery requests

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Well that’s the good thing about feature request, you can do them years in advance


Well, all that typing for nothing

But anyways, this definitely gets my last vote. My favorite livery on my favorite passenger plane on the earth!

And I just PRAY that the FDS team can start developing the model in the near future.

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