Air Arabia and Etihad launch new LCC

Etihad and Air Arabia have announced that they are going to set up a Low cost carrier based at Etihads home base, Abu Dhabi. The name of the carrier will be Air Arabia Abu Dhabi and it will launch “in due time”. Additionally it is worth mentioning that Air Arabia are currently in talks with Airbus and Boeing about an order for 100 or more A320 or 737 aircraft. Maybe some of those will ne heading to the new airline. More Info in the article below:

What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment and let me know 😉


Interesting! I think the Middle East probably has more capacity for LCCs. The only two major ones in that area are FlyDubai and Pegasus


Yeah that’s true. This should also hopefully enhance the competition with Emirates/FlyDubai.

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The name is even worse than Virgin Connect.


So true. I was hoping for a new name, maybe a new livery and then I saw the name and I was like Oh No please not 😂

Btw thanks @anon79257371 foe editing the title lol 😂


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