Air Arabia A320 (New livery)

Credits: Jetphotos

About Air Arabia

Air Arabia is one of the top performing Low cost carriers of the gulf competing in a tough battle along side with Fly Dubai another champ in LCC. Although both of these LCC are from UAE , but still stay on top seat! Air Arabia currently has 51 aircrafts in their fleet and hold a narrow body A320-200 Aircrafts. They run a quote similar Aircraft programme to Indigo except that they still haven't got any A320N. Well there is a surprise behind this Adel Ali the current CEO of Air Arabia once worked in Bahrain Air which is now defunct Airline , few years after working in that Airline the Airline collapsed and Adel Ali then became the CEO of Air Arabia and ironically it's first flight was to Bahrain from Sharjah. Got to say this guy has got the numbers correct!

Why Air Arabia A320?

It's because it's got one of the most efficient aircrafts on the fleet. The livery itself is a beauty. The above aircraft is the only one to possess this special Year of Zayed Livery under the registration A6-AOS. It features a large red bird logo coming down from tail to rear fuselage. It would be definitely be a good addition to the infinite flight liveries of LCC.

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Now that’s a nice livery

i think the one in your picture is Air Arabia A321-251NX not A320,

this is the A320 there’s a cute red stripe behind the nose gear

a picture from google notice the red stripe

Just for your clarification Air Arabia has no A321-200 and moreover this is the only the A320 painted in their special livery.

oh i see! is it perhaps a new livery? cause i read an article about their rebranding for the airlines 15th anniversary!

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This livery is for a special cause marking Year of Zayed … You may have seen it also on the Emirates nd Etihad Aircrafts…

I hope this livery is also add to the a320 update.🙇‍♀️

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Nice livery! I rant out of votes unfortunately.

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Just a little bump for this. Huge, huge network of possible routes will open up if this comes!

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Do you like the livery?

  • Yes, it’s a nice one!
  • Meh, not the best.
  • No, it’s very bad!
  • The old livery is better.

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Hell yeah, not to mention they fly to Gatwick ;)

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This is a must for Infinite Flight! Their new A321s should also be added!

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And they also operate from Morocco with their Morocco subsidary. I see them all the time on FR24 and this would add a lot of routes to North Africa and from there to Europe


off topic but I find the lack of Middle eastern and African liveries in game very disturbing, voted


I think I am too going to clear a vote for this. This one wonderful livery provides a variety of routes ranging from the northern sahara, into europe, and around the middle east. Hoping to see this in IF soon as it would unlock many new routes in one of my favourite regions!

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I’m in if we can get air Arabia Maroc (new livery)🤩🤩

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Amazing livery! 🤩

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This one definitely deserves a vote.
Hope to see it in IF sometime soon!

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Voted, can’t believe this has so little votes, this is by far the most needed A320 livery

I’m not sure if people realise this but Air Arabia’s network is so huge they’re like the AirAsia of the Middle East. Just like how AirAsia has branches in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia etc, Air Arabia has branches in the UAE, Egypt and Morocco. It would open up a mammoth amount of routes if we got this livery come on people


Agreed. Both Air Arabia and Sharjah Airport (OMSJ) are highly underrated within the community. People don’t realize what connectivity the airline and the airport offer.

Hope this bump grabs the attention of more people

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