Air Antwerp Fokker 50

Hello community!
This is one of my first feature requests so please bare with me here.

Today I am requesting the Air Antwerp Fokker 50.

About Air Antwerp:
Air Antwerp is a Belgian airlines that has been founded in May 2019 and has 2 shareholders, Cityjet (75%) and KLM (25%).
More about Air Antwerp here:

About the Fokker 50:
The Fokker 50 is a turboprop airliner designed as a refinement of the F27 Friendship.
More about the Fokker 50 here:

Why am I requesting this?:
I am requesting this livery because Air Antwerp officialy did their first commercial flight from Antwerp Airport (EBAW) to London City Airport (EGLC), people say it will be a new alternative to train. But of course most of all the livery looks pretty cool ;) .

Picture of their livery:

Picture credit:

Their first aircraft (which is the one shown in the picture) is registered OO-VLS, this is an old VLM aircraft, in case you didn’t know VLM ceased opperations late 2018.

Thank you so much for taking time to reading my request!

Vote for the Fokker 50 here.

PS: (Fun) fact, their first commercial flight was today! The 9th of September from Antwerp to London City.

Isn’t Air Antwerp the new Belgian airline

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That’s right, Air Antwerp was founded in May 2019. I would have put a wikipedia article about it but there isn’t one in English, only a Dutch one.

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Also fun fact, their first flight was on the 9th of September, today!

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Well, you can put it in Google vertalen

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Acctualy good idea.

I found English one

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Wow thank you! I couldn’t find one for the life of me xD. I was searching for like 2 hours.

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I just updated it, thank you very much man :) .

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Really nice livery, and request!

Sadly i just can’t see the Fokker 50 being added anytime soon…

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I can see that aswel since the ATR-72 and the CS100 are pretty clearly the 2 favorite, not in game aircraft besides the A350, but I figured I would make this for a few reasons.
1: They just did their first flight today.
2: I would love to hear people’s opinions on the livery and it is good to have this request made in case the Fokker 50 begins getting developed.
And 3: The livery looks pretty nice.

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Fitting request for the day, thanks for taking the time and sharing this! Also I can agree that the livery is lovely (even though I am not a huge fan of the Fokker 50‘s Design itself).

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Yeah, I figured IF needs more Belgian airlines anyway so why not suggest the newest one which also did it’s first flight today, I kind of waited for them to do their first flight so I wouldn’t suggest a livery from an airline that hasn’t flown yet. I even tracked it when it was doing it’s second ever flight from London City back to Antwerp.

Have watched the first landing (or rather taxi) at London-City on Twitter. Always great to see a new aspiring airline take the skies!

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