Air Antwerp begins service [to London City (EGLC/LCY)]

***Big day in Belgian aviation!***

Today (9th of September) Air Antwerp has done their first ever commercial flight to London City Airport (EGLC/LCY) out of their hub, Antwerp International Airport (EBAW/ANR). This flight was done by their only aircraft registered OO-VLS, a former VLM Fokker 50. The flight number was WP100/ATW100 and the callsign was Devil 100, this route will most likely be their only route for a while but of course they hope to expand their route network and fleet size, this route will also be flown 3 times every day which means 6 total flights per day. This marks a good day in Belgian aviation and a lot of people of course hope that Air Antwerp will grow bigger and maybe even become as big as Brussels Airlines one day, of course in these times you never know how things will turn out.

More about Air Antwerp here: Air Antwerp - Wikipedia

Picture of the aircraft used:
Credit: OO-VLS - Fokker 50 [20109] - Flightradar24 , OO-VLS | Fokker 50 | Air Antwerp | J.Evrard | JetPhotos

Please give me some feedback on my first aviation news topic and of course, **thank you for reading :) !


Interesting! Always love seeing airlines, especially new ones expanding their route network!

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The Fokker looks so goofy. But congratulations to Air Antwerp!


Where is air Antwerp based


I was very exited to hear about Air Antwerps first ever flight, I was able to track the flight back (WP101/ANT101) for a while.

Antwerp International Airport my good sir @Ben_Murtagh1 , (EBAW/ANR).

Antwerp, it says above

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Also everyone please give me some feedback on how I can improve this topic, it’s my first news topic so there might be a bunch of stuff/info missing.

I think this is quite a good topic! It is concise and has all of the information anyone would want to know about this route. The picture of the aircraft is a nice touch


Thank you very much, I tried to add as much important information as possible so it had a good first impression.

Yes it’s always much easier to include information at the start. I’ve seen topics where there was practically nothing and the topic didn’t inform everyone anything beyond the title 😂

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This is acctualy my second topic regarding Air Antwerp, I made a feature request for their livery not too long ago xD.

I saw! Unfortunately I’m out of votes. Good luck though!

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I know that the Fokker 50 isn’t a fan favorite for votes, like for example the CS100, ATR-72 and Concorde beat the F50 by a mile but I thought I’d give it a shot xD.

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I know that the Fokker 50 isn’t a fan favorite for votes, like for example the CS100, ATR-72 and Concorde beat the F50 by a mile but I thought I’d give it a shot xD. I mean it’s not THE prettiest looking aircraft but the livery looks very nice in my opinion.

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That’s a bit creepy

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I really liked watching the flight. I followed them through their social media. Super awesome looking. I would not mind flying them sometime when I get money.

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@Philippe_Gilbert I think they chose it because of the red devils (the Belgian football team). But I think “hand” would have been a bit weird xD.

Interesting! Its great having another airline serve London city!

Though I hate the Fokker 50, IMO the ugliest turboprop.

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Yeah but they’re cheap and honestly still pretty good aircraft, you just have to look under the (ugly) airframe. If they would have gone for the q400 for example they would have a bit of an issue with money, since this is an old VLM aircraft it’s already registered too.