Air Ambulance Services

On Monday, Babcock is officially taking over the air ambulance service in Norway, they have prepared in 4 years for this day.

The deal have experienced many problems, mostly relating to pilots that didnt want to fly. Now that is sorted out and air ambulance services will be operated by Babcock from Monday

A special built Cessna Citation Altitude Will now be flying around, just look at this beauty!

The aircraft has the registration LN-SAA, and will be flown around Norway, currently flight testing is ongoing

Who are Babcock you may ask, they are a Swedish company that is taking government contracts to operate air ambulance in different countries. They operate also different flights from the UK

Source in Norwegian


Great investment! What an example of how goverments should spend their money! On the people!

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Wow! Cool air ambulance aircraft. Way to spend money I say.

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Is a citation really necessary? A king air would probably do the trick.


They used the Beechcraft King Air before, but it ended up being too small, therefore did they end up using the Cessna Citation

@Jens_Severin You have to be logged in to read the article you linked…

Whoops, didn’t realize it was a (+) article

Thats a great point!

Is this even effective? Surely a helicopter is far more efficient and quicker. They can land anywhere and then land on a hospital. The UK has no such aircraft as far as I’m aware.

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Well, I don’t really know about the operations for the planes, but they are efficient, usually patients being transferred between hospitals take these, for example, if you were being transferred from Bodø to Tromsø, a plane is much more efficient on that route than a helicopter

The air ambulance have helicopters and propeller aircraft too

Babcock do operate in the UK, but I don’t think they have any planes there

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