Air Ambulance Crisis

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The last couple of days Babcock Scandinavia Air Ambulance have had problems with lots of aircraft in their fleet. A whooping 5 of 11 planes of the type Beech B250 Kingair have been grounded due to technical problems, all planes may have to be grounded.

Problems include
-Anti Collision system not working, sends false messages
-TCAS system isn’t working
-Pilots Standbysystem isn’t working, saying the aircraft is banking to the side while flying straight
-Surging of engines

Many faults have happened during the same flight.

Since 1st of July, UNN (Universitetssykehuset Nord Norge), the hospital in Tromsø, have recorded 286 incidents of delayed patients due to the air ambulance.

The situation is critical due to travel times being high in northern Norway. If a patient were to be be transferred from Hammerfest to Tromsø, travel times would be 7 hours and 45 minutes with car, and flight time being only 40 minutes.

The situation is looked at critically.

Babcock is sorry for the situation

I’ll update when updates reach the media

I’m sorry, but all sources are in Norwegian


New news:

Babcock has still 4 of 11 aircraft grounded, but as of now they have got 3 planes from Sweden and leased two commercial jet airliners.

As of the 286 incidents they have said to the public they don’t recognize them.

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This is when I need my Norwegian friend!

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So the latest news are in!

A doctor who previously worked for Babcock has resigned. In his resignation letter he wrote “I’d rather be a doctor in a war zone rather than flying air ambulance in northern Norway”

He has also said to the media that on one of his first flights, he heard pull up, pull up, and the pilot saying there were collision course.

Also on the last couple of days lots of politicians want the air ambulance service to be operated by the government.

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Flying EMS is a very dangerous job, one of the very few jobs I would never want to do. We just had an Air Ambulance go down up here

Why is it so dangerous? Just curious. Atleast here they seem to have recent aircraft and decent funding. They don’t seem to do much crazy risky stuff, just ferry flights around the city. I’m not really doubting you, just in my experience it doesn’t appear to dangerous…

Companies want aircraft to fly no matter what. NTSB just released a helicopter accident that was on an air ambulance. The flight was denied three times and was accepted, the company said if the crew meet x amount of hours they’d buy them massage chairs for them.

The recent one in Alaska was also denied by another company due to wx


Oh, makes sense. Thanks for letting me know. Do you think there is a simple regulatory fix? Or will this take a systematic change?

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I think a ton can be fixed, but I’m coming from an outsiders view so my ideas weren’t the best lol

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Flying in northern part of Norway can be a challenge. WX, high minimas due to terrain, short runways etc. Much like Alaska.

I’ve experienced many go arounds and missed approaches up north in the baby Dash


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