Air Algérie Boeing 777-300ER

hello community I think this delivered Air Algeria should be added
is picture is not mine
would like this company
because I took it to go to Annaba, Algiers, Oran and Setif
and it’s a beautiful airline
Air Algérie (IATA code: AH, code OACI: DAH), is the Algerian national airline. It was created in 1947 [2], when the Compagnie Générale de Transport (CGT) was formed, whose network was mainly oriented towards France.

Air Algérie operates from Houari Boumediene Airport in Algiers flying to 28 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and the Middle East. It also serves 32 destinations in the Algerian territory. She is a member of the International Air Transport Association, the Arab Air Carriers Organization and the Association of African Airlines.

Air Algérie has the IATA IATA certification [

nception date March 15, 1947
Size of the fleet 59
Number of destinations 75
ITA ICAO Call Sign


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I dont think they ve ever operated a 777 in real life. The upcoming 787s will be better in my opinion

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There are no records of Air Algérie ever owning a 777-300ER. I checked multiple sources. This livery is a photoshopped aviation design and even the watermark in the image says ”creation by Mario Gasparella.”

Air Algérie has only leased a Boeing 777-200 from Khalifa Airways back in 2003 for the Hajj season. The livery used was not the modern version of Air Algérie’s though.

Image here.

Please make sure that you’re doing a bit of a research before posting a livery request. Don’t just find a photo of a plane/livery and decide to request it. Check the photo’s authenticity (I only found one other copy of the photo you used) then cross reference with an airline’s fleet page to determine whether or not this livery/plane is real and has been operated by the company.

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