Air Algérie B737-700

Good morning all ! I would like to see this Air Algérie B737-700 livery in Infinite Flight thank you very much

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Air Algérie | MSA130 | JetPhotos 7T-VKT | Boeing 737-7D6C | Air Algérie | MSA130 | JetPhotos

This is a good feature request, but please note that the only place you can use french is the #support:francais section of the category.

C’est une bonne demande de fonctionnalité, mais veuillez noter que le seul endroit où vous pouvez utiliser le français est la section #support:francais de la catégorie.


B737-700 air Algérie

Source 7T-VKS | Boeing 737-7D6C | Air Algérie | Rui Cardoso | JetPhotos

Hey, More information about your request would be amazing!

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Great livery and great request!

Also just wanted to point it out, thanks for showing the source very clearly in the post. Many have just been copy pasting photos from the internet lately.

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This is a livery request for Air Algérie to be added in the upcoming 737 redesign, in particular Air Algérie operates 30 of these planes to destinations across North Africa, Europe and the Middle East . The only other 737NG with an African livery in. This airline, which started operating in 1947, deserves to be featured in Infinite Flight.

Air Algeria is the national airline of Algeria and operates a regular service with a modern fleet to 69 destinations in 28 countries. Its hub, Houari Boumediene Airport, is located in Algiers, the country’s capital. In 2013, Air Algérie was 100% owned by the Algerian government. The carrier is currently in the process of aligning its codeshare agreements to meet SkyTeam membership application requirements.