Air Algérie 737-800


(Photo Credit: Aeronantes Spotters)

This is a livery request for Air Algérie to be added in the upcoming 737 rework, specifically the -800. Air Algérie operates 25 of these aircraft to destinations throughout North Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The only other African-liveried 737NG in the sim is from Royal Air Maroc. This airline, which started operating in 1947, deserves to be represented in Infinite Flight.

Air Algérie is the national airline of Algeria, and operates scheduled service with a modern fleet to 69 destinations in 28 countries. Its hub, Houari Boumediene Airport, is in Algiers, the nation’s capital. As of 2013, Air Algérie was 100% owned by the government of Algeria. The carrier is currently in the process of aligning its codeshare agreements to meet SkyTeam membership application requirements.

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The fourth largest airline in Africa needs your support! Let’s get Air Algérie in the skies!


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