Air Albania

Not long ago Air Albania was founded and currently operates an A319. Do you guys have any opinions? Do you think they should order any planes?

They currently have 2 more A320 expected.

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Add some background information to this and you’ll invoke a response. A bland statement doesn’t bring anything to the party, so edit your original post and add some history about the airline, what route(s) they offer, their “hub” and what you think they should do and whether it’s actually viable for them to do it instead of relying on us to do it for you.

If they operate a single A319 and haven’t ordered anymore already then I would suggest they aren’t going to order anymore anytime soon.

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I think they should start by selling some tickets first before doing anything else. The A319 is still in Istanbul btw.

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Not anymore!!!

they have 2 a320’s on order

This topic is a bit unnecessarily

There are still no tickets on sale. But at least the plane is here😂

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