Air Albania Airbus A319

About Air Albania:
Many of you have probably never heard of this airline and of course for a reason. Air Albania is the newest airline and flag carrier of Albania, a small country in southeastern Europe. The first aircraft of the airline, an Airbus A319 was recently delivered to its hub, Tirana (LATI). The aircraft is about 11 years old and is an ex-Turkish Airlines plane (TC-JLR). Air Albania was founded on 16 May 2018 by a consortium led by the Albanian and Turkish governments under a public–private partnership. Turkish Airlines, a founding partner, owns 49.12% of Air Albania. The remaining 50.88% is publicly traded, currently split between Albcontrol, a corporation owned by the Albanian government, and MDN Investment, a privately-held company in Albania. The airline will conduct test flights during September, and is planning to begin operations during the next months. Initially it will serve 4 destinations: Milan, Rome, Bologna and London and also intends to fly to Athens, Barcelona and Frankfurt in the future. Its main objective is to start flights to New York by the end of 2019.

Why i would like this livery to be on Infinite Flight:
Diversity. Diversity is what makes Infinite Flight great in my opinion. Pilots, controllers from all around the world all gathered in one big community. Unfortunately i have noticed that there is a lack of liveries from this part of the world (south-eastern Europe). This livery would highly increase the opportunity to fly to this beautiful, unexplored and somewhat unknown part of Europe. Therefore, i encourage everyone to vote for this simplistic yet modern and beautiful livery.


@Dan_Lleshi @ThePraetorian You guys might be interesting in voting for this?

That is a cool looking livery. I don’t have any votes free though.

No problem, comments like these are appreciated :)

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You have DEFINITELY got my vote

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Nice one, but I prefer Alban wings 737

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I am definitely voting for this. This is most certainly needed along with the Aegean A320!


@MathAviation7 Thanks!

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Wish we had the older 737 versions for that


No… They have 738…

They dont unfortunately

What’s the registration of this guy?

The A319 you mean? It still holds the ex-Turkish registration TC-JLR. It will be re-registered soon to Albanian registration

Eastern Europe is incredibly underserved when it comes to airline liveries within IF compared to Western Europe/America and should be more of a focus. This livery would be a good addition to the sim. Voted👍🏼

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Decided to unvote a request and vote for this one, I feel like we need to get more variety and Airlines on IF!

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Thank you so much! 5 votes already, amazing


Great to see this, 45 more votes before this joins the 50’s club with the Aegean A320!

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43, now ! :)

As an Albanian, it would mean the world to me to be able to fly with this plane over Albania. But it would be interesting even for other players. A nice livery, an original company for an unusual destination in IF. Great way to discover the land of eagles !


Will ask some more Aegean pilots to vote for this. We Greeks want this along the Aegean A320!