Air Albania 737-8NG

This livery should be added due to the lack of liveries from the Balkans. I absolutely love the Air Albania livery and it stands out so much due to the bright colours which represent Albania. Some information about Air Albania; they operate an A319 aswell. They fly from Tirana (which is their main hub), to Turkey, Italy, London (soon to come) and also north America (soon to come). Turkish airlines helped start up Air Albania and leased 2 aircraft to help them. The aircrafts registration were TC-JLR which is an ex Turkish A319 and the 737-8NG is TC-JZG.
This is another photo of the full livery. Credits to

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I would like to vote, but i will wait for this aircraft to get fully painted and also to get the Albanian registration. For now, its just wet-leased. Nevertheless hoping to see this added

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Arrived in LATI 😁


It’s so beautiful. It’s a shame they didnt paint the bottom red like the a320 though

Thats true. But unfortunately, its just wet-leased