Air accident investigation...

I was trying to survive but:

One of them tries to catch me.

One of them tries to have been catched.

One of them is running from opposite.

One of them decides to enter the runway while we are so close to land.

It is at training server. I don’t play expert after i saw some problems about ghosting.


so do I. They say if you report it to moderators even if in TS they could be grounded.

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acting as investigator, as soon as the accident happened I saw that the ATC may have some fault in this incident, it has two runways and I see that the other one is completely free without an aircraft to take off and land, I think I’ll start with the ATC, understand why he did what he did.
Is he thinking what I’m thinking he’s thinking it is, I’m going to find out lol😅😅😅


That’s a serious issue 🤔 DGCA should be informed of this😉

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What did I just view and read…

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