Beginners Guide to IFC

Hello and Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community! Read through the information below!

Here at IFC, we have trust levels. Once you achieve a trust level, then you will have more Topics to post in. Keep liking, reading, and contributing more to the community and you’ll be there before you know it! Take a look at the link below :)

Also, in the next link below, there is a ton of information for you to read to get yourself better acquainted with the forum. Like always, if you have a question, the moderators are happy to help (They are the people with the Shield next to their name)

Once again Welcome to IFC and We hope you like it here! :)

If I understand what your trying to say, it’s a feature request, correct? You can start posting in Features once you are TL2. Keep Contributing more to the community (as Said Above) and you’ll be there in no time!