Stupid, some of us use the military aircraft and I think a way to at least show that someone is being fired at via text or something. Don’t let it screw with the one being shot at unless it’s a preproven death lobby. It would put a new aspect on protecting air force 1. Wouldn’t even need the animation just the sending warning and a hit or miss. Idk I just think you need to look at the military stand point of things. I love this app I don’t criticize I just think that would be bad ass. I’m in the training lobby usually hitting up the f22 so yeah hmu


Welcome to he community, you are currently TL0, which means you can’t post in feature requests. Comment, like and view the community to get too TL2, which in memeber.

If you have an enquireries, feel free to ask any Regular or Mod.



Please refrain from using this kind of language

Nobody here is stupid. You aren’t at a high enough level to make a feature request. @schyllberg please give him the new user details then close this thread.


No need to be mean about it, he is new to the forum and doesn’t know the rules.


Changed it. What do you think?

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If I understand what your trying to say, it’s a feature request, correct? You can start posting in Features once you are TL2. Keep Contributing more to the community (as Said Above) and you’ll be there in no time!


Now that’s what I was waiting for. Thanks! @Brandon_K