Ailerons not working

Hello all.

I just downloaded the new update however I can’t seem to use any of the ailerons. I can’t go up, down or turn left or right unless taxing with the rudder. I tried this at YYC, YYJ and YVR with the Q400, 737 and A220. I did try to recalibrate as well but no luck.

I am using an Iphone XR, IOS15.3.1

While I was trying this at YYC, I did notice another user who had takeoff issues with their climb as well. They could have had the same issue as me.


This is usually due to a stuck accelerometer on the device. If you try a device restart, you should be good to go :)


Did you try to “restore defaults” in the simulator settings?

Hi there. I will give it a go. My device is also doing an update to 15.4.

@CaptainSooraj I did give that a go and still no luck.


All fixed up. Had to reinstall the app as well as the phone restart. Thanks!

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