Ailerons A 320 and A 350

Why dont work the ailerons from above airplanes on IPad?

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They have just not been added :/ Developers will add them if they wish to or there is high demand from the commmunity.


May I ask; how is this relavant to Infinite Flight?

He’s litterally asking about certain aircraft in the sim that are in the game.


We have functional ailerons on the A320 and A350. Am I missing out on something here?

Whaddya call 'em, spoilerons? They’re basically the spoilers acting as ailerons, like flaperons in a way.

I get you now. This has been a massive itch of mine. Seeing the ailerons move but not the spoilers makes the wing seem somewhat boring dare I say.

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Yeah he’s talking about bank spoilers

ya there is a feature request for this.

Roll Spoilers

you can vote for it there.

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the only plane with roll spoilers in IF is the C208 and the TBM930

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