Aileron speedbrake action

This QR A388 just landed at LFPG

See what the ailerons are doing?
So they do on any Airbus aircraft we have in IF…
Would be an amazing feature…


Yes. In Airbuses the spoilers and ailerons work together not only on landing but also when turning. For example when you turn right the left aileron goes up, in Airbuses so do the left spoilers.

Wait me? And I made a mistake when you turn right in an Airbus, the right aileron goes up along with the right side spoilers. Same when turning left.
And no I have never seen Roman Atwood


Ok. I wasn’t sure if it was just Airbus or every aircraft.

Actually, Airbus and Boeing are a bit different in regards to the spoilers and such. Anyone who’s flown a Boeing and seen the wing will likely remember the flaperon. Squarish and moves quite a lot on landing. There’s a great article describing the wings of just about every airliner. Here’s the link:

High Lift Systems on Airliners

IIRC the spoilers will deploy for roll control as well as gust load alleviation (Airbus/787) when below a certain speed (under VFE or around ~230kt I believe) Conversely, I remember seeing that when the flaps are up and speed is ABOVE VFE, the outboard ailerons will get locked out. Also, iirc the only non flaperon Boeings are the narrowbodies. The ease of deployment depends on speed/flight control software etc.

I think speed breaks is already a feature in all commercial jets on IF, it’s the button “spoilers”. They remain static, do you mean they should act like in real airplanes?

Who hasn’t seen Roman Atwood? Like come on guys 😝

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I only saw him on tv when he did commercials here never in person.

About these facts, you should post them on the topic “interesting facts about aircrafts” by N881RA 😂

I’m not talking about spoilers…

…I’m talking about the ailerons making the same action as the ailerons…

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