Aigle azur keep falling

These days are bad for Aigle Azur!

Aigle Azur
Aigle azur is a French airline based in Orly (France)
Born in 1946; 73 years ago
Actual President: Frantz Yvelin

Aigle Azur was founded in 1946 by Sylvain Floirat, becoming the second company in France behind Air France!

What happened?
Aigle azur keep loosing money since 2012 aigle azur is in big difficulties with money as they can’t keep flights, they announced suspending flights from tomorrow until they found another buyers?

And passengers?!!

Passengers are waiting in the airports and millions of them are stuck cause of the canceled flights! Aigle azur is not sure to get passengers refunded as they have no more money, However it might be different if someone take it back.

What now?

Aigle azur will wait to find another buyers to take The company back! No dates are fixed, hope it will Finnish good.

And workers are very worried about it It’s more than 1000 workers implemented in this airline it would be a big loss in the French industry and a big loss in aerial history

That’s not good. Hope for the best and that we don’t lose yet another airline.


You can blame the surging fuel prices for this competition is unforgiving with the money all the big airlines have compared with low cost airlines their is loads of airlines going to go in liquidation unfortunately.

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And on the September 27th, the airline is now in a bankrupt.

Rest in peace, yet another one is gone.

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Your joking right?

Well yet another one bites the dust

Rest In Peace Aigle Azur 1946 to 2019.

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