Aigle Azur Airbus A330-200


Never seen an A330ceo with a mask before so when I saw it I needed to request it. If you like it please vote!

General Information:
Aigle Azur, legally Société Aigle Azur Transports Aériens, is a French airline with its head office in Tremblay-en-France near Paris. It operates domestic scheduled passenger services and international services to Western Europe and Northern Africa. It also operates charter, cargo and wet lease services. Its main base is Orly Airport, Paris.
Source: Aigle Azur - Wikipedia

Thanks for taking a look! Please vote if you like it!

I LOVE this! I like the mask around the cockpit windows, like it wants to be a neo! Unfortunately, I have my votes on other features, but I will CERTAINLY vote only if a a330 rework is confirmed.

Your welcome (;


Love the overall color scheme! Sadly, I haven’t got any more votes to vote for this! Hope it gets added with the rework though!

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I’ll settle for JUST the A332 for starters lol. Desperately waiting for that rework!


Ohh looks like they got a raccoon A332
Assuming the A332 is released and this livery doesn’t come out
I’m down for it.Looks nice


                            I love this livery, I hope to see you soon
                                       Here's a preview! ;)




The black cockpit let it look like a neo but it’s a A330-300 lol
Hope to see it with the A330 rework !

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