Aigle Azur Airbus A320-200


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I would really like this liveries a320

Aigle Azur company Source:Lemonde Société Aigle Azur Transports Aériens is an airline with its head office in Tremblay-en-France, France, near Paris, it is currently the second largest airline in France, behind the Air France Group. It operates domestic scheduled passenger services and international services to Algeria, Mali, Lebanon, Portugal, Senegal and France.[1] It also operates charter, cargo and wet lease services. Its main bases are Orly Airport, Paris.[2] Aigle Azur is also accredited by IATA with the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) for its safety practices.[3]

Key people M. Arezki Idjerouidène,
M. Méziane Idjerouidène,
M. Frantz Yvelin (CEO)

In April 1946, Sylvain Floirat established the original Aigle Azur as one of the first wholly privately owned, independent airlines in post-war France. Between 1946 and 1955, the airline operated a large fleet of Douglas DC-3s.[4]

During the early 1950s, Aigle Azur began operating long-haul scheduled routes linking metropolitan France with Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. France’s Ministry of Public Works and Transport had transferred Air France’s traffic rights for these routes to the country’s newly created independent airlines, including Aigle Azur.[5]

In 1970, the airline was re-constituted as a regional airline named Lucas Aviation.[2] The re-formed airline’s corporate and operational headquarters was at Paris Pontoise Airport,[6] located in Boissy l’Aillerie.[7][8] Lucas Aviation initially traded as Lucas Air Transport and operated regional scheduled services, including a year-round operation linking Deauville with London Gatwick.[6] The name subsequently changed once more to Lucas Aigle Azur.[2]

Aigle Azur fleet
Aircraft In Service Orders Passengers Notes
P Y Total
Airbus A319-100 2 – – 145 145
Airbus A320-200 9 – –
36 174
138 174
Total 11

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blue Eagle
Logo of this company
ZI AAF Aigle Azur
Historical landmarks
Established in 1946
Founder Sylvain Floirat
Based in Paris-Orly Airport
Azur Plus loyalty program
Size of the fleet 12
Headquarters Flag of France Paray Old Post
Leaders Frantz Yvelin (CEO)
Financial datas
Turnover 290 € million euros (2016)
Net profit -1,239 million euros (2016)

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Aigle Azur (IATA Code: ZI, ICAO code: AAF) is a French airline. From its 3 operational bases in France, and from 6 French cities, it serves Algeria, Portugal, Mali, Senegal, Lebanon (Beirut), Germany (Berlin), Russia (Moscow), Brazil (Sao Paulo), China (Beijing) and Italy (Milan).

Its main base is Paris-Orly Airport, South Terminal. It has the IOSA certification of IATA [1].

I love this deliver of Aigle Azur Airbus A320-200 🙂