Aigle Azur A320

Hello! Today I want to request one of my favorite livery aigle azur.
Why Aigle azur?

I chooses aigle azur because it’s a real missing livery on a320 and I think important.

What is Aigle Azur?

Aigle Azur is a French company based at orly airport it is the 2nd French company who operates more than 70 destinations.


The actual livery is an eurowhite with 3 bands you can see an eagle drawed.
Why blue? Because The blue azur is in the name. Blue is their main color.


Aigle Azur was founded by Sylvain Floirat in 1946 it was the first company private after the war.

Since 2001 Aigle Azur was in decline with only two Boeing 737 it was taken over by gofast group which invested a lot in aigle azur to refresh the fleet and the company.

In 2008 aigle azur launched Progam Aigle Azur plus.

In May 2009 they received its first a320.

In 2017 Aigle Azur received 2 a330 for long haul flights in China, São Paulo.


Aigle Azur has a uniform modern fleet of a320 airbus family and a330 airbus is 100% airbus
Credit: aigle azur and Wikipedia.


This is a good liveries


Yeahh! One of my favorite.

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The blue tail and the big “Aigle Azur” wrinting are nice, but I won’t clearing a vote for this.

On the 27th of September, Aigle Azur, the second french airline is now bankrupt.
See on Wikipedia:

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