AIFATC clarification.


Landing in KSAN, I frequently experience an adminition from Approach after I’ve been cleared to land.

Approach was not active at time of clearance.

Once you land you don’t need to contact approach. Approach should hand you off to tower before landing. You should check out #tutorials section here on the forum!

If approach is not active just fly to the red or grey cone like normal. And contact tower when you can find it, not when approach hands you off.


What server was this on?

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I guess this happened on Training Server


Not much you can do with SoCal TS1, those pilots and controllers are often the newest in the game and don’t quite grasp every aspect of flying or controlling.

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That. Is precisely my concern. Approach became active active the the tower gave landing clearance. Then come the ad adminition from Approach.

What do you mean? An on guard warning?

And you are on TS right?

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Right I am the TS. It happens frequently.

On TS, especially SoCal, there isn’t much you can do about that. As I said earlier SoCal pilots aren’t the best and don’t grasp every concept.

It is best to fly on another region especially paid regions as of then the better pilots fly there.


It’s not uncommon for TS1. Sometimes you even get on-guarded by Approach when on the ground… Not much that can be done. It is after all called Training Server for a reason.


“You’ n active space, please contact approach.”

Yeah, that’s an on guard message. You are cleared to land, just ignore it.


Thank you so much for you help.

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Thanks for all the great answers!