“AIDS” Matt Davies - Infinite Flight mention #2

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Above: Youtuber, Matt Davies…

So, it’s not the first time, popular flight simulator, youtuber, Matt Davies has mentioned Infinite Flight in his episodes.

Recently I watched this episode from a youtube channel that displays many “funny” flight simulator moments, many, featuring Matt himself. At the start of this episode Matt mentions Infinite Flight, rather oddly. Last time he mentioned Infinite Flight, it was a comment much nicer.

Any thoughts on the comment? I’m not sure what to say. I realise a Mobile simulator is not to the standards of most simualtion software, nor can it compete (sometimes). However, I wonder what causes him to comment on himself “getting aids” from one of the best Mobile Flight simulators…


Better then nothing lol if a big flight sim pc youtuber who does in depth videos was considering making a video on a iOS flight sim it’s good progress.

That guy is quite annoying though.


I think he went a bit far… don’t know if anyone agrees. I’m sure the devs would not be impressed.

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I wouldn’t care what he says, he is very opinionated about everything - very much towards the shock jock end of the youtube sim channels.

If you want to watch some flight sim channels in order to learn about flying a plane there are many better ones out there which are really worth watching and without the histrionics.


It is the best, and he shouldn’t be complaining about it.
And saying that stuff is just weird


I think anyone is entitled to have an opinion. If he wants to comment his thoughts on the sim, that is perfectly legitimate and it isn’t for people to start disagreeing with him because at the end of the day, he is entitled to have an opinion. I don’t understand why people are taking it to heart. If you truly believe IF is the best mobile simulator, why entertain a small comment which is more than likely harmless than what everyone else is depicting it? Plus, he has previously given props to IF so people should just look past this and just move on with their day…


Although i understand and share your fustration, this isnt the place to aire those concerns. We are not here to call others, why lower ourselves…

Matt Davis has a commenting feature on his channel, use that to aire your fustrations.


I can undertand that not everyone likes Mobile flight sims,if I had the time and money to sit in a large PC based sim like he does perhaps I wouldnt like it either…however still no need tosay will get a STD from playing it! Harsh!

Ok, I listened at the beginning. I think he meant “aides”, not AIDS. People need to relax and grow some thicker skin on the internet. Welcome to the internet!

Complaining about it on here just draws more people to his channel and is wasted breath. Even if he did talk negatively about IF, everyone is entitled to their opinion and its true that there are certain limitaions that a mobile sim has that desktops do not. If you have a problem with what he says, use his comment box.

Also this is a great example of why we dont have voice ATC… Just sayin…


All he needs to do is hop on over to the IFC.

@TheFlyingPancake just so you know, the reason my post about this got closed was because of what is happening in the chat right now, and the reason I decided against posting this clip. Anyway, Matt is just like this with IF don’t know why, but…

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Worth noting that MD did not actually make that vid himself, it is actually and selection of different on-line sim guys clips that have been added together. Be worth finding out which one of Matts Vids he actually said this in order to hear it in context.

Have you guys considered that he simply wanted to fly something that he considers more realistic, without aids (aka helpers) ?


It’s clickbate inception.

We are putting words into his mouth. He didnt say anything other than he didnt want to fly with helpers. We are making this a bigger issue than it is. How many have actually listened to what he said instead of going off of this thread? Everyone calm down and take a breath…


I’ll just link my previous comment:


My alternate theory is that he may have said “we didn’t want any hate” in a British accent and with his mic cutting out. You can hear it cutting out just after he said that and I think it happened while he said it as well. If he did say what everyone thought he did, I’m sure it was as Seb and Philippe suggested… “aides”.

It would only take a quick look around youtube or this forum to realize if you have anything to do with Infinite Flight you’re gonna get lots of hate.


Jason is absolutely correct. It’s “hate” there’s a link below where that clip comes from and he goes on to say he doesn’t want to risk reviewing it due to the “weirdly loyal but young player base” at infinite flight


He’s right. That’s the risk you run when you have a forum-centric support and community model and the user base is mostly angry people going through puberty.


And this topic is just one of the many examples of said user base.

Let’s take a few seconds to try and assess the nature of Matt’s language and not assume he meant the worst. Even if he did intend to say Infinite Flight is “AIDS”, the bad kind, why would it even matter? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and everyone doesn’t have to like what you may like. It annoys me that you guys are affected by petty things like this. Stop trying to jump to conclusions just to get reactions out of people.

As Chris stated prior, just brush stupid things like this off your shoulder. The world is a big place and it will eat you alive if you continue to have that weak mentality.