Aiden_Forusz’s ATC Radar Tracking Thread - [Closed] @LSZH

Aiden_Forusz’s ATC Radar Tracking Thread

Feel free to come to the airport that I have opened and please leave some feedback!

Airport: LSZH [CLOSED]

Runway: 28

Server: Training

Feel free to request any approach (ILS, GPS, VIS, or RV).
Feel free to spawn at any airport :)

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This thread was approved by my trainer, @Syncline

Thank you!


I am not available at the moment. Tag me Next Time when you’re Open!


I will stop by!

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Coming! Feel free to tag me too :)

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Thank you for coming @Lion_50 and @FN60fps !

Have a wonderful day :)


No issues to report, good job!

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@Henrik003 @Lion_50 @FN60fps

I opened LSZH Approach

Tag me! :D

Will do :)

1st Approach ILS: So I intentionally flew through the localizer so you’d have to reverse intercept me, but I didn’t notify you before I did it, so I get why you didn’t give me it :)

2nd approach VIS: You asked me to follow instructions and RAIS, which is totally fine. @Kitick told me yesterday that if an aircraft doesn’t RAIS that you should vector them to the runway (intercept and turn to RH) if they don’t see it around 3-4nm give them a missed approach and bring them around again.

Great job!! I look forward to your next session!

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Thank you!

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