Aide multiplayer


Hello I Would like to know how to play multiplayer mod please

thank you


Tu parles l anglais? On parle e n anglais ici

Translation: you speak English? One speaks in English here


@Midass_Logan Please see the Tutorial Section of this site. There is a pull down menu in the upper left of this page. If you are just Starting IF see the Tutorials In-App starting with the C-172 video. Regards & Welcome. Max


@Maxmustang I wanted to close this topic but I can’t only a member!


Pour jouer le multiplayer tu dois achter une suscription à 5 euro par mois ou 50 euro par an. Pour les 50 euros tu a aussi tous les avions et tous les regions pour cette année. Multiplayer est super! J’espère que ca t’aide.


Has the individual who posted this support ticket had the concerns resolved? If so, let me know and then I will close it.
Cheers :)