Aicraft too large for an airport

This happend about a minute ago, I was beggining my flight at Rocky Mountain Airport, the ATC refused to allow me to taxi, with the answer: aircraft is to large for this airport. Well, according to my knwoledge a B767-300 (the aircraft used by me) a runway with 5000m long is enough for this aircraft, and the runway 30R is 8000m long. Can someone help me here. Attached is a picture with the ATC and airport information.

No runway is 8000m long (apart from KEDW).

Hey, the controller was a little hesitant and asked me whether or not he should deny you based on size. The two factors I got were:

-97ft wide runway

That is a pretty small runway for an aircraft that size.


Feet, sorry

Airport aircraft constraints come from two factors the width of the runway and the width of the taxiway’s. The runway may be long enough but it and the taxiway’s are certainly not wide enough.

hey man, please follow atc instructions.

your aircraft was too wide. You could have taken off from KDEN

In case everyone missed it here was the answer.

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imageThe runway is fine in terms of length, at nearly 9,000ft, but width is a factor as well. With the limited info I had, I instructed him to deny you.


Yea, IRL that airport is only used for small private jets