AI voice says KLM wrong

The AI voice used for ATC says KLM as ‘Kilo Lima Mike’ instead of KLM. This isn’t that annoying but with a few lines of code this can (probably) be fixed. It’s not that annoying, but in the long run, this would be a small fix.

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Are you using Airline Callsign or Custom?

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Airline callsign.

The same thing happens with UPS, I think it is just meant to be that way.

Well, it’s probably not supposed to, it is because AI has to read stuff like ‘Bravo’ and it is normally on custom call signs.

These two have always been pronounced this way. If you would like to change this, feel free to make a #features request

Ummm, I did test it out, and I did hear Kilo Limo Mike.

These words are said like this as they are acryonms for words

KLM stands for Royal Dutch Airlines

UPS stands for United Postal Service

I know this, I am just saying that IRL ATC says ‘KLM’ but in the game the AI reads ‘Kilo Lima Mike’.

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Yeah the game reads it differently then a human would because it just doent pick up that it should be read “KLM” instead it picks up Kilo Lima Mike… idk if the devs will fix this or not

Hello! This is a known issue that the developers are aware of. :)