AI planes and ATC on Solo Server

I wanted to make this feature so it can make solo flying more lively and fun if you can’t get IF Pro ,also maybe even add AI ATC in solo. With that feature there could be an option for you to be ATC and control the AI planes to improve ATC skills.

Yea honestly that’d be pretty cool, also for just pictures in general… But only if they were at the proper terminal. Voted

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Thanks for the Vote!

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YESSSSSSSSSS we need this. And also the fact that you can get XP

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I really like this idea and would like to see this feature added very soon!

Yes! I wanted this for a long time. Lets make it happen!

revive this.

That would be such a great addition!

Voted! Great idea!

That is an amazing idea, but unfortanely they only focus on the global users, since the game became ‘free to play’ they started screwing it up for solo users so you cant expect this to happen tho