AI Pilot for Infinite Flight

I take my flight sims pretty seriously when it comes to realism, and when I fly as a first officer the view is HORRIBLE. I can’t tell if I’m properly on the centerline and it makes it really hard to land. I always have to rely on the heading indicator. However, allot of people probably don’t take the time to review actual landings at the airport they are landing at, so then might not know the runway heading causing them to misguide the approach, and crash. So my idea was for infinite Flight to develop an AI pilot that can be turned of and on depending on which position you want to fly as. A good example would be if I was a first officer, and I did the preflight and taxi, the AI pilot would takeoff and take the plane to cruise while I or you guys can do the proper procedures with less of a workload, just like full scale aviation.

In my opinion, simulator will be meanless if you don’t need to fly with yourself. And different from real world flight, IF have less checklist to do.