AI in Infinite Flight

When flying online or on solo, I get really really bored. When I fly into a small, regional airport, it is like flying into a ghost town. I think that if there was AI, it would make the game so much more interesting. Like take KIAD for example. Washington is an international airport that is very busy. But in Infinite Flight, it’s usually deserted. the AI wouldn’t be perfect, but it would still add loads of realism.

Hi! Sadly, this will never happen, as explained in this topic. See the last post.

This is a bit dated, so it might have changed, not sure.

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yeah but AI is never always accurate and it cant keep up with the workload also this i feel should be in features

Also as @Yacht mentioned the link he posted is a bit dated also check before you post for any topic as it could clog up the forums and it could be a duplicate

Im not trying to be rude

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I think that at least put it in solo, as some people cannot afford live

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