AI fighters instead of ghosting

So instead of ATC ghosting an aircraft, they can press ‘scramble jets’ and then two AI jets approach the aircraft and the aircraft has one last chance or it is shot down, and basically ‘ghosted’, like normal . This makes it more fun for the ATC that way and more realistic


Hahaha that would be awesome! Sadly, ghosting is a thing and might as well make it fun. However, sorry to tell you that would be soo hard to do and is never going to happen:( the flight simulator is about flying and not being shot down. And i think people would not follow the rules just to be “shot down”


It’s not really ‘shot down’ it’s kind of the fighters ghosting them instead of ATC doing it, so you’d loose standing and everything like normal ghosting, it just gives a fun thing to do

Yes i suppose but i still think this would be an extremely difficult feature for the FDS and would make people want to be ghosted

I commend your imagination though:)

Ahh this made me chuckle. Kudos for the imagination but I don’t think we will ever see this 😉


Whilst this is practically one of the worst practical ideas out there, it is also one of the best.


Yes just for the lolz

@matt this needs to happen right now lol


Would be a nice reality crosscheck for some very undisciplined pilots out on live.

That said, if they enjoy screwing around with other planes, they’d probably enjoy getting shot down by fighter jets. Just seems to match up right IMO.

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LOL… Gee what a neato suggestion! Am sure FDS is going to hop right on this… The simian mind is a wounderful thing! Max Sends

Jack…this is fantastic.


@MishaCamp. This made me chuckle too 😂😂

It would sure look cool.

Would be very unrealistic, I don’t expect this will ever happen in Infinite Flight

What a good idea … But unlikely it’s going to happen… BUT HAS TO BE CONSIDED

It would be fun, but people would just to it intentionally all the time just to spam people.

How is it unrealistic?

Moderators, please tell me how an asinine topic like this can survive scrutiny and take on a life of its own?
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Even in real life fighters are not scrambled that quick, so completely unrealistic but it made me laugh :)