Ai/ Auto-ATC

Recently I’ve really been getting into doing ATC on training server just for fun, and I saw that some other flight simulators (MFS20 for example) have this feature of an “Ai ? Auto-ATC” which pretty much takes over atc when no one is operating as an atc on that frequency. I did a few minutes worth of research and found out that there is already software written for this (for example: PilotEdge) and im not sure if its a good one or a bad one… but it lets one know that the software for it is already out there. To sum it up, I thought it could be a great feature that could be added to Infinite Flight not only multiplayer but also could be utilized on solo.

Hi there @Arming_Laurent,

I believe your request is similar to this one?

As @schyllberg said, this is not something that will happen “in any foreseeable future.” That was a little bit ago, but I’m not sure much has changed. I would imagine it would be pretty difficult regardless and not happening in the future.

Duplicate topic. For what it’s worth, PilotEdge is a paid ATC service for PC sims utilizing real air traffic controllers.