AI ATC and pilot voices

Hello. I would like to see users talk with their voices in infinite flight but not like voice chat

Like a deepfake of a persons voice

E.g enter your voice in settings say a few phrases and it will use a deepfake of your voice when you are using atc

I was more or so wishing for that beep when you leave atc or when it records transmissions, like you hear in RFS

the reason why we don’t have voice atc is for no way to moderate it, people could use bad language is all that stuff, so for that reason, I respectfully disagree with this


I don’t mean voice chat. I mean implementing your voice into the game and it will act like your real voice

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But if your real voice is in the game, people could say curse words and inappropriate stuff very easily


What I mean is that you go into settings say a few phrases and it will try to replicate your voice with only current atc commands


@Apollo_11, make sure to vote for your own feature request.

I don’t think this would be viable, because if everyone has their own voice in the game it would mean that everyone would need to download that voice pack, and multiplying this for the thousands of IF players… also, currently the voices in the game are the default voices in your own device, they are not made by Infinite Flight.


Nice idea, will take up a lot of space in-game though…

Maybe Project Metal could solve part of this? I’m not sure how all this works.

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Project metal can help along with one more thing

I just can’t imagine the number of troll that will happen, but nice idea

This is a very interesting idea 👍🏻

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Yess. Maybe someone could pose their voice with another person but it won’t be like swearing

IF could do with better voices they could use AI just to create some more realistic sounding voices, but having the user create their own samples would be a great personal touch and would add much more variety.

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I would like to see AI controllers and AI planes for airports that are not always active and for the planes it would make IF feel more real with live traffic especially at busy airports like KLAX KORD KJFK OMDB KATL etc.

Tower!3D would be a good example of this, we can use the voice ATC base on that concept where if someone does say a curse word, it won’t go through the transmission.