AI Airplanes

Hello everyone.
I have always been so disappointed when I flew into or out of an airport and there is no other plane there. It makes the game feel empty and lonely sometimes. I think that it would be great to have computer programmed planes that taxi around the airport and maybe even take off or land.
I know this is probably going to be too difficult because of all the programming but it would make Infinite Flight so much more fun.

I am not so sure how it will work… Having airplanes take off or land would be extremely difficult and I am not sure it will work out. And what the pint of aircarfts just taxiing through the airport? Won’t they conflict with other airplanes (us)? Won’t it be a pain in the neck for IFATC too?

There is a feature request for Static Aircrafts. You can vote it here:

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Hope to see it soon 👍

I like this idea,but this should be only for solo flights


There’s already thousands of other players on the server. This would be pretty hard to implement, and it would make the server pretty laggy.

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It could potentially work for Solo, but I would imagine it being a development headache given the number of airfields etc within the game. I wouldn’t suggest it for Live, recipe for disaster I reckon 😄 Nice idea though 👍🏻

Firstly, I think this WOULD be cool, but there are some definite downsides. This would take the devs a long time to make, and there are lots of other more pressing matters. Also, if you’d like a bigger crowd, fly into LAX or the airport of the day/week and experience the IFACT there. I think this is a decent idea, but you haven’t won my vote. Good luck!

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this would be cool tho!

I do not know if this can be in game. Even on FSX i just know Co Pilot AI

Bumping this :)