AI Aircraft (Traffic)

Hey guys,
Infinite Flight has been around for a very long time, about 5 years.
Many people have been flying in solo most of time since they don’t agree to buy a live subscription…

But maybe for the people who either does not like to upgrade a 1 month live subscription or does not want to waste any money on live, maybe we could have AI which for the people who don’t know what that means, it is basically other aircraft you don’t control.
But if there is going to be AI, than we might have to add an AI air traffic control.
While this might seem complicated, it would help most people who want to be really realistic with Infinite flight and not be bored when they fly in solo by themselves…

Would like this, but live is here. IF wouldn’t make money.


I get your point but you can’t have all the benefits of the hard work that goes in to creating an awesome experience without shelling out some pocket money.


If they don’t make money, soon they’ll be no Infinite Flight at all. It’s a business, not a charity.


True but most people would spend time just playing on live which is a great idea for people who want to fly with other pilots but you also have AI for the people who might have bad internet connections or might not even be connected to internet sometimes…

Have a great day

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You guys may have a point,
Thanks for debating with me ;)

See you!

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Great request, but the devs already said a while ago, that they will not implement this into Infinite Flight.

@SkyOfNine… Interesting observation. Please cite your source that validates your “many” fly solo definitive justification, I believe the foundation for your comments/AI recommendations here are a “figment of your imagination”! Next