AI Air Trafic Controllers

I know this will sound unrealistic, but just hear me out. I’ve noticed a lot on the #features category that people are fed up with people messing around on Expert Server treating it like training server at airports in which have no active ATC. If you look for the post “Stricter Expert Server Rules”, you’ll see what I mean. Then someone mentioned, “well, the only way we’d be able to fix this would be if every airport could be controlled by ATC, and have none be uncontrolled”, and then spamming to show he was joking, and knew this wasn’t possible. Then that got me thinking, what if it really was possible?

I suggested Artificial Intelligence Air Traffic Controllers. And what I mean by this, is Tower Controllers controlled automatically by a computer. Then, there is some sort of accountability held by the computer. The AI would be able to automatically sense if instructions aren’t being followed, and then can issue violations or reports. Clearly, this wouldn’t work for Approach, and IFATC would take over during events. However, now there would finally be accountability held, even without a real human watching. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but, that’s what they said about GLOBAL. And look where we are now. I believe automatic air traffic controllers would be the next step in advancing this game to the next level.


This is a duplicate unfortunately.


great minds think alike! Plus I have a feeling mine is more in detail as to how it would work, and the old topic died either way.

It’s honestly up to the mods.🙂 if this one stands, be sure to vote for your own request

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