AI Air Traffic Control and Ground

I have not flown in or out of an airport with active ATC in a very long time. Most airports in our game are unmanned. I would like to be able to be vectored in and out of any airport I choose. Does anyone agree?

You need to remember that IFATC are volunteers, and they’re allowed to control whenever they like. They’re only allowed to control airport on the ATC schedule. The only way to increase the amount of manned airports is to have more controllers.
You’re always welcome to join the team:
Unfortunately it’s simply not possible to have every airport that has inbound traffic to be manned. IFATC also have to control for at least an hour on class bravos and half an hour on class Charlie’s and deltas, so it’d be extremely boring to just sit there with one aircraft every session. They are humans too, they cook, have families, play sports, they’re not just bots enslaved to IF AND IFC


that and @Tyler_Shelton makes an #atcschedule every week. Remember IFATC are volunteers. They have lives. They have families it was/is the holidays. The fact any are controlling makes me have more respect for them.

I meant artificial intelligence directing air traffic. So that we can have instructions on what to do when flying into an airport when there is no air traffic control.

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Sure just send a check of $150 payable to me


AI ATC does not exist. The only solution is to train more controllers so more airports can be staffed. In the mean time the purpose of the schedule is to let you know ahead of time which airports will have coverage.

Happy flying!