Ahmed1's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ OJAI

This is my ATC tracking thread. I created this to practice my ATC skills and then eventually apply for IFATC this summer. Feel free to do patterns, departures, arrivals wherever I am controlling.
Accepting feedback, it will help me!


Feel free to ping me when you open

Thank you so much

Same with me.

Will do, thanks so much

Username: Ahmed1
Status: Open
Server: Training
Airport: OMDB
Frequencies: Ground and Tower
Tags: @IF787 @Tsumia
Feel free to do pattern work, departures, arrivals

OMDB MY HOME AIRPORT :), I am coming.

@Ahmed1 I cant see OMDB open.

Have you closed?

I am open .

@ECOFRIENDLY_TIME where did u go

Oof, unfortunately game crashed so here is my feedback

Transition at 6000ft for OMDB is a bit high

Can I give my rest of the feedback a bit later I am a bit busy.

Lol thats the one thing Im still confused about - transitions!

Yeah sure, thanks for coming!

Transition altitude is calculated using the Airport elevation

OMDB is at 62 feet

So you round up to the nearest 500 (500 in this case) and then add 2500 to that.

500 + 2500 = 3000ft transition for OMDB

By the way this is the last time I open at OMDB - I am aware there are many trolls when I open at such airport, so next time I’ll open I’ll be at a different airport

Ohhh, but what exactly are transitions?

Transitions are given when an aircraft wants to fly through your airspace, but is not arriving or departing

Ohhh now it makes sense, I read on the ATC manual that that was what it was, but I thought that was what the radar frequencies are for, so thats why it confused me

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Well I was on the same boat as you

But I will tell you how to give transitions for an airport,
When giving a transition at any airport add 2500ft to the airport altitude and round it off that will give you the optimal transition altitude. Still couldn’t get it then probably might wanna read the ATC manual book or feel free to pm me :)

I have, but like I said, I didn’t understand it due to this