Ah yes disappearing pilot is back

So this dude literally keeps reappearing and disappearing on my radar and on InfiniteX Live, and has been stalking me since my SFO departure. P.S. an hour ago he was an A321 so either he’s a transformer or Bob the builder is clinging on to his back renovating the plane.

Resume flight feature?

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They have a clear FPL and everything on InfiniteInfo, LiveFlight and InfiniteX

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Ok ill keep checkin.

They also probably caught up to you because you are going 516 and he is going 550

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Ok. Thanks for the help!

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It’s interesting on Infinite X it appears normal.
I had a few flight resume due to app crashes and when I checked the infinite X, the map appears how it was as if I was flying in real time.
The clue is to look at the origin of departure - it would show ???
This is an indication the flight has been disrupted previously.

it always happens when you depart from sfo @777fanatic lol

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Ikr always when I depart from SFO this happens.


Also look at the blue line of the route 👀

Blue line starts from the beginning of flight resume.
It doesn’t show the actual route taken, just merely the fpl

I’m coming for him in an F-22
@member_of_oneworld come with me!

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AlRiGhTy RoGeR

Lets go from KADW

That’s in Washington-

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He’s probably in alska

ok then the one in anchorage then

Buddy, he’s down here

My fuel won’t make it

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You’ll be flying for a while then

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Not going 1000 knots