Ah, Violations

I’ve only been on IF for a short while so I didn’t have any violations. Now I know how to get them! Just flew my first flights on the ATC Playground server lat night so by today, I felt like driving into the maw - LAX when it was pretty taxed.

SAN to LAX was going pretty well, getting vectored east of the airport. But after a while with no instructions and the San Bernadino Mts looming in my window, I decided to not crash and turned toward the airport. That controller then went for dinner or something and I got ahold of LA Center who were perturbed at me but directed me toward LAX. Switched to Tower and seemed to be getting sequenced but then was asked to assume Right Downwind 25L Huh?

That would assume I wa coming from the west not east! Things got crowded and I had to divert northward, but came back around and landed from the east on 24R (was cleared to land). I was awarded 6 violations for self preservation!

Then went to Aspen and took off with the A380 (have landed there with the A380 in solo mode many a time). Didn’t say I couldn’t have that plane there but when I landed beautifully in Gunnison a short while later - violation! Plane not allowed at GUC. (How can we tell before we land? Other then common sense😀

Funniest thing was, prior to SAN to LAX, I executed a beautiful A380 landing at SFO - with the gear up. No violation!

All good suggestions A-J. As a private pilot (SEL) I’m well aware of them. I guess my main point is that on the ATC Playground you can earn some violations from lousy controllers pretty quick. I earned the wrong plane violation but the duty shirking and mis-assigning of pattern positions is unsettling. I know, go to the Advanced Server, but you’d think the controllers in the Playground would try a little harder to be reliable. Anyway, I’m not sore about it.

Controllers do not issue violations. And you don’t earn earn violations for crashing. All those violations you received could have only been a result of flying faster than 250kts while under 10,000 feet, or not having the required standing to fly in that airspace. .

Another way you can get a violation is by taxing faster than 35kts ground speed .

I am assuming that you were at 100% standing before getting on that server based on you saying you have never had a previous violation.
Most new pilots get the majority of their violations in the first ten hours of flying IF

Ok, good to know Thomas. I did nip at the edges of those 2 parameters by a knot or two a few times (mainly because I was still learning to use the interface). Will put a high emphasis on speed in the future. Thanks.