Ah, normal day

Flying from an underrated route again, Belize to Miami, in an a320 it’s a normal day I swear!

I hear lions
When the water is more beautiful than you:

I’m pretty sure this is light turbulence. However I did not spill my carmel latte with whipped cream, almond milk with a touch of sugar, and French vanilla milk, with a specific amount of ounces of mocha, during this.

Flamingo Miami


Hi United


(Took place on the TS)


What do you ask about number 3 was wrong plane round also passengers let belts also feel scared of the plane?

I wonder 🧐

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After investigation I figured out that the plane had a Texas rodeo inside.


Understandable, have a good day
BEautiful pictures tho

Nice pictures

What are the chances the passengers in picture 3 are filing for whiplash?? 🤔🤔

Oh… yes its a normal day when aircraft do flip

Wonder what is the reaction when the cleaners see this
Plane nice tho

When a Blue Angels Pilot flies an A320 😬

Not the water from Flint 💀


Is this the Bermuda Triangle?

Theoretically it’s not that bad, you can fly a perfect 1G barrel roll 👌

Love the shots, however the third one is questionable…. 🤔🤔

It was a flat spin stall after the autopilot disconnected automatically, but I saved it