AH Fairchild looses control

I’ve attempted to fly this plane and it’s one of the better planes however on autopilot it starts to stall sometimes and goes into a free spin that can’t be recovered from.

Hey, I assume you are talking about the A-10? Is the speed setting of the autopilot inabled? If so, what speed are you setting it at?

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Almost every spin can be recovered from — assuming you have the altitude for it. To be honest, I didn’t even know that the physics in Infinite Flight were advanced enough to replicate a spin. But anyways, can you please elaborate on your autopilot settings when this occurs? I’m very interested in the aircraft’s pitch and speed just prior to the stall.

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Well if you’re talking about the A-10 witch I think you are it’s not ment for intense manuvers. Are you doing anything like weird and if not do you have AP speed set to above the stall speed of the aircraft?

Yea A10. Sorry

It’s when I disengage AutoPilot.

How heavy are you? If you have taken too much fuel you can spin out very easy. Also remember to calibrate before disengaging the Autopilot

First, this should be moved to #support if you think it’s a glitch. Do you calibrate before disengaging, do you have the airplane trimmed?

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Exactly what @Captain_Merka just said. Move this to support and get some moderators on the case. Although, it could be a problem with the auto pilot…

Exactly why I told him to move it to support. It appears he isn’t too active sadly.

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Or he went to bed ;)

I am saying this because there was another 5 hour gap of inactivity a couple hours ago.

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This doesn’t need to be moved to support. This is most likely a case of being too heavy or cruising at slow speeds.


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