AgustaWestland AW609 #VTOL Tilt-Rotor#

Technical Data

  • Propulsion
  • Powerplant 2 x PWC PT6C-67A with 1.940 horsepower each
  • Weight
    MTOW 8 tonne class 18,000 lb class
    Useful load up to 2,860 kg up to 6,300 lb
  • Capacity
    Crew / Passengers 2/9
  • Fuel
    Fuel Load (std tank) 1,166 kg 2,571 lb
  • Performance
    Max Cruise Speed 510 km/h 275 kt
    Hover OGE (ISA) 1,828 m 6,000 ft
    Service Ceiling (ISA) 7,620 m 25,000 ft
    Maximum range - std/aux fuel tanks 1,389 km/1,852 km 700nm/1000nm

Description of the manufacturer

The unique characteristics of the AW609 TiltRotor combine the benefits of a helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft into one aircraft, a true capability Hybrid aircraft.

The AW609 TiltRotor features a composite airframe, advanced touch-screen cockpit and full fly-by-wire digital controls. These advanced technologies will provide new levels of performance, safety, reliability and affordability for operators.

Taking off and landing vertically, flying above adverse weather conditions in a pressurised cabin at twice the speed and range typical of helicopters, the AW609 TiltRotor represents the next generation of aircraft transport for commercial, para-public and defence markets.

This multi-role aircraft can be configured for commercial applications such as Executive and Private Transport, Energy Services, Emergency Medical Services, Search and Rescue as well as Defense and National Security applications like Homeland Security, Naval, Utility, and Personnel Recovery (SAR).

Personel Opinion

In my opinion this aircraft would be an awesome addition to the Infinite Flight fleet because of it’s versatility.
It does combine the two worlds of planes and helicopters.

Yes I do know it’s still in the certification process but all signs do speak for a finished certification process in 2018 and the first customer delivery not long afterwards.

And one more time, yes I do know that there isn’t even a helicopter mechanic in Infinite Flight.
But due to the reason that the developers do not seem to be afraid of big challenges (Global) I am pretty confident that they will be able to do this as well.


Bonus Video ;-)

That’s an lot of rotor for a small little body


True but necessary! 😂

In my opinion VTOL aircraft do feel like fire to me especially those tilt-roter ones. For example like these helicopter things in Avatar.


How dos this taxi or dosnt it? We dont have in IF parking spots for choppers

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@Mell_Ijzerman Just watch the video and you will see :).

By the way the airport editors do edite helipads at the airport as well (when available in real as well) but they do might not show up as helipads.

For example at LICD there is an area where helicopter do land/park to the east of the normal airplane parking spot.


That looks like an Osprey…

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That may be something that the editors might have to think of in the future if this becomes a thing… 🤔


@Ryan_Vidad @Nate_Schneller

Yes even though the V-22 Osprey is bigger and obviously military only.
But there is a prototype in development sich could replace the Blackhawk in the case the US Army does decide die this concept. So this one would ne more compareible in matter of size St. least. It’s Name is the V-280 Valor.

Well the AW609 is able to taxi like some helicopters so they land on the runway.

Other helis wich aren’t able Go taxi do something like a hover taxing. They are flying like a couple of feet above the taxiway. By that they would be able to park like any other plane (with safety distance obviously)

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The manufacturer does claim to have a total amount of 50 orders.

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Actually, I’ve seen several airports in IF that have helicopter pads. And as @Marsiana7 said, the AW609 can taxi, similar to the V22 seen here. Would definitley be a unique aircraft in IF. Maybe it could pave the way to more rotary-wing aircraft.


I have no votes left, but I would happy to see it on IF :)


With this aircraft in the IF, will you have a lot of pilots landing with her in Nepal? 😁


Yes that could be absolutly possible.

I am 100% sure that this aircraft is gonig to be very popular for any kind of search and rescue missions or those flying doctors of australia wich are currently using the Pilatus PC-12.
The agusta would make a great addition to their fleet to get faster to locations without enough space for an airfield.

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That’s a nice article about the upcoming Agusta AW609!

Im still excited for this aircraft to be certified. 😄


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