AGSilver_04's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @N/A

My tracking thread
Hello! I would like to improve my ATC skills, so I am opening this ATC tracking thread. Feedback is welcome! Please let me know if I can tag you if you want to come in the future!

Thanks for editing the category! I forgot to do that. Sorry!

I would recommend starting with a single runway, then proceed to parallel runways, I don’t suggest going to such runway diagram its complicated, and more importantly you will be tested on parallel runways only.

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perfect!!! I’m joining now!!!

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So much harder to do this practically! I can improve a lot.

ok first of all you need to read the ATC Manual

That should give you the basics, it will tell you all about pattern work , sequencing ,etc…
some feedback:

  1. you should give me a clearance for the option once I turn crosswind into downwind, at first you did not give any clearance at all, the second time you gave me one but it was extremely late.

  2. transition formula is airport elevation (57ft)…+…pattern altitude which is 1500ft AAD for jets and 1000Ft AAD for GA. its all explained in the ATC Manual…+1000ft for separation…= which in your case should result for about 2500ft, 4000 is too high.

  3. when issuing a go-around you should always cancel takeoff clearance for the aircraft on the runway.

4.when giving a clearance for an aircraft that just departed and remaining in the pattern , no need for after the option make left/right traffic. this is used for inbound traffic, and traffic which request runway change.

  1. sequence, sequence , sequence, my IFATC trainer says sequence is as important as clearance, you can read all about it in the ATC Manual

you got the spirit just a little bit of reading and practicing you will be with the IFATC in a heartbeat. Don’t hesitate to ask me about anything via PM, and there is a lot of IFATC members throughout the IFC ready to answer any question you got.

this was
D-MOAZ, thx for having me and have a great day!!!

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I realised what I should have done - when I realised my mistakes, it was too little too late.

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Try to tag me next session

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Feedback from YMCA
  • The progressive taxi instructions you gave me were not necessary as there was no reason as to why it could’ve been needed. There was no conflicts I could’ve caused.
  • You told me at some point to cross runway 28R… But it was my departure runway. You could’ve directly directed me to Twr to line up straight away on runway 28R.
  • For my first take-off and after the runway change, you forgot to tell me which pattern to follow: left or right? After my touch-and-go following the runway change however, perhaps seeing that I turned right instead of left, you asked me to make left traffic, which you should’ve done before, when you gave me the clearance for the option after the runway change.
  • Your clearances were also late. Two times I was about to crash in a mountain, so I had to turn base to avoid that. I had to report my position multiple times because I thought you wouldn’t clear me for the option.
  • When I said after the runway change that I was on final, why did you say “Say intentions” ?
  • Just prior to you going offline, you gave me a clearance to land. You should’ve given me a clearance for the option.

I unfortunately haven’t been able to test you on transitions.

That was not a bad first session. I highly encourage you to check what went wrong and re-read the ATC manual so that you can understand why you did it wrong and what you’ll need to do next time in such situations, although, when possible, I told you how you could’ve handled the situations better. Good luck!

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Feedback: C-FIRE

Inbound & Transition:

  • [16:33:30] - Transition altitude was a bit high at 4000ft. (should have been 3000ft)

  • [16:34:53] - Great job with the pattern entry however, I would have loved to have a sequence attached. Remember, when an aircraft is inbound you MUST issue:

  1. Pattern Entry
  2. Sequence (If required)
  3. Clearance
  • [16:36:31] - Make sure you include the "After the option, make right/left traffic" portent of the command.

First Pattern:

  • [16:38:20] - Again, make sure to issue the three instructions listed above as I only received a sequence and clearance for my runway change to 28L.

  • [16:42:00] - Excellent job issuing me a frequency change approved on my climb out of your airspace!

Overall, you have a good foundation of ATC knowledge. I recommend reading the ATC user guild which @Mo_Alz linked above to really iron out those small mistakes. Feel free to tag me whenever you open and I’ll try my best to make it!


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