AGL becomes 0 in midair and all camera stuck

Hello Developer… I was recently flying Singapore-Ahmedabad. On approach, although the aircraft was in air many feet height, AGL shows ‘0’ altitude and all the camera views are stuck at the altitude where AGL becomes 0. Is anyone facing same type of issues?? Please Help Friends…!
I am attaching the screenshots of what I faced. Later on, after every flight, this was happening on approach.

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Hello, is this occurring at a particular airport? Or is it at various different airports?

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It is occurring at varios different airport with and with different aircrafts. First screenshot (which I don’t know why is displayed as link) will give you a better idea. Thank You

On the first screenshot I can’t see anything wrong; I see you in final, with all settings, speed, etc looking ok. Except the MSL is 0. That is so weird…

Next picture I see you sitting barried into the runway.

Have you tried clearing your Cache?
Has anything else changed: internet connection, your mobile device, etc?

This actually occurs randomly. Sometimes this bug kicks in and the cameras are stuck at that particular altitude whereas sometimes it doesn’t. Please Help


I experienced this before. Try this:

  • Clear scenery cache
  • Close IF
  • Reopen IF
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  1. No. I haven’t cleared Cache.
  2. No change in the device
  3. Internet Connection was at high speed

The first screenshot is captured while in first camera view that is just HUD. But check out this screen shot which is taken at the same moment in the Captain’s view

Do you want to say that close app, Clear Cache and then open the app? Please clear tjis

  • First go to the settings inside of Infinite Flight. Scroll down until you find “Clear scenery cache”.
  • Close the app
  • Then re open the app
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As per above. ☝🏽☝️

If this keep happening, then I would consider removing the IF app from your device and re-installing it again.


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