Aggressive Moderating

Maybe im miss using the forum. But having a moderator trolling and closing my topic 5 seconds after posting it is ridiculous and extremely annoying. I don’t care how many times it has been reposted, addressed, or talked about. If i have something to say, I should be able to say it and have my peers react and give feed back before a Super Moderator leaps into action on it. Just saying.


It’s not called trolling. It’s keeping the community somewhat under “moderation”. Please read the community rules and guidelines for more information.


Your topic was closed because it was deemed unproductive to the forum.


The same thing happened to me. I don’t understand why.


I regress at this time.

Yes they do, and they’ve determined that it is either a duplicate or it is unnecessary

Thanks fish

That’s not a question to ask me. Please take this to a PM with the moderator related to your issue.

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If anyone has questions about why their post was closed, feel free to PM the moderator who closed it. We almost always leave a reason for that close, and if we didn’t it was blatantly obvious.

We have certain guidelines to make this community run smoothly. Every community has that, from a public forum to a neighborhood. We are open to changing the guidelines if you want to have a constructive conversation about it.

I feel the moderation is extremely fair, we try to be as fair as possible, but I understand how something can become blurry through discourse. If you want to point something out to us, again you can PM us and we would be happy to discuss it.


No problem.

It was clearly a hyperbole, please avoid comments like those that misdirect topics from their purpose.

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I just think if a member wants to vent let the member vent. However if a member is posting a about a technical issue they having with the game or needs help navigating the forum then by all means close the post and direct them to the right category.

In the past months this moderation stuff gets out of hand. I have even seen moderators become curt, and sarcastic with new members in their response while “helping” them with a particular issue. Overall it’s out of hand.

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I would love to see some examples of what you’re talking about so I can get a clear picture.

About the venting issue, there are many topics on playground issues and they are simply unproductive. Fly advanced if you want a real experience. It’s pointless complaining about something you can fix in less than 5 seconds.


Look the moderators have to keep the community originized so that why 😤

Who are you to say that what someone has to say is pointless? God I mean really? What a customer has to say is pointless? Think about what you just said for a minute. Let me just say that nothing a member/customer says is pointless. And if it were up to me all member would be able to vent without worrying about moderation.

Moderators should be only in place to protect the community from harassment, bullying and intimidation. When a moderator says what you have to say is pointless…then they have to much power.

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I’m not saying it’s pointless

This isn’t the place for customers. Customers should be on the Infinite Flight website unless they are looking for support or a place to enjoy sharing their love of aviation and Infinite Flight.


This community isn’t just to post whatever you want in. We strive to keep it clean and orderly. In order to give a good image we try to have productive topics and contributions. You venting is not productive nor a positive contribution.

Ok you guys win.

Goodnight everyone