AGForLife’s ATC Tracking Thread [Written Passed] - [Closed] @ VOHS

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread! I have applied for IFATC and have passed my written test!
Airport: VOHS
Please reply to this thread if you are thinking about stopping by!


I am stopping by!

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Decent controlling today. However, keep the following feedback in mind.

1). In the beggining, you told me to taxi when I did not even request it. Why?

2). When I said ready for departure, remaining in the pattern, you did not specify left or right traffic.

3). Why did you tell me to extend upwind?

4). You accidentally forgot to clear me for the option.

5). No need to tell me to turn base.

6). After I requested departure, and there was no conflict, a frequency change would have been good.

7). Incorrect transition altitude. The transition altitude should be 3,500. This is calculated by taking the airport elevation, adding 2,500, and rounding up to the nearest 500.

8). When I called inbound, why did you say turn crosswind.

9). Well done on the pattern entry.

10). You forgot to clear me to land.

11). Exit runway command was very late. It should be sent when a jet airliner is at around 70 kts and when a GA aircraft is at around 50 kts.

It will take some work, but you can make it to the IFATC team! I believe in you! I will link some resources below to help you and to add to your knowledge about ATC (specifically tower and ground). :) @AGForLife

Note: Also, feel free to PM me with any questions or if you need furthur clarification on anything. :)

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Hey! A few things to consider…

  1. When I was flying, you told me to “enter right downwind” or “turn base” several times, when they are unnecessary. It is pilot responsibility unless you have several aircraft and then you can use those, also for inbound aircraft, but not necessary for me today

  2. The landing clearance you gave came very late, I usually clear on crosswind, you cleared on late base/ final, which by that point its too late and most pilots would go-around

  3. When I requested runway changes, idk why but you said unable, when you could accommodate the change due to no traffic

  4. The exit runway was a bit late, but I braked kinda hard, so that ones partly on me (@RoBroStar mentioned the correct speeds to issue it at, you gave it to me at 40 knots in an airliner)

Just practice some more and you’ll get the hang of it and be IFATC in no time! PM me for any clarification or questions :)

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Thank you for the feedback, but thought I clicked the command right when I saw you pass 75kts.

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yeah, my bad on braking hard

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also you handled my 2 go-arounds perfectly, I had so much trouble with the 717 😑, I literally was like 5 feet off the ground at one point

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The first time you requested a runway change there would have been an aircraft on the runway and ready to T/O. The second time the aircraft was on the runway and started it’s T/O roll, so I was unsure of what to do so I that was why I said unable.

The first time you requested runway change

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The 717 is a hard aircraft to control!

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No problem, the thing is, you can approve the change and maintain separation by doing something like this:

IF787: "Delta 473, requesting change to runway 35L

ATC: Delta 473, enter right downwind runway 35L

IF787: enter right downwind runway 35L, Delta 473

ATC: Delta 473, extend downwind, I’ll call your base

IF787: you’ll call my base, Delta 473

plane requests take off and you clear them for takeoff

ATC: Delta 473, turn base

IF787: Turning base, Delta 473

ATC: Delta 473, number one, runway 35L, cleared for the option, after the option, make left traffic

plane begins takeoff roll, accelerates, rotates, and starts climbing, me on final, separation is still there, and you have allowed me to change runways

By the time I cross the threshold, the plane taking off is a fair distance away. This is anticipated separation, very important especially when you have multiple aircraft in your airspace
This is one example of how to handle it, there are multiple ways to control, and you have to think ahead in some cases to control efficiently.

Today, I had 3 aircraft on one runway, and had to use extend downwind and sequencing to manage it and cause no go-arounds or have to say unable

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I’ll stoppppp byyyyyy!!

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Hey, my home airport! I usually open here too, I was going to open but since you are already here I’ll stop by 🤪

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I used to live in austin but moved to Dallas a couple years ago!

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Hey there, I was PLANE. Here’s my feedback.

  • Good transition
  • No pattern entry instruction was given on my inbound call, nor was I told left/right traffic upon my initial clearance.
  • Not sure why you kept telling Suhas to enter the downwind for the runway he was already on; pattern instructions are for inbounds and runway changes.
  • No need to tell Suhas to make right traffic upon clearance; you did that when you cleared him for takeoff.
  • Not sure why he was told to go to 35L after I requested runway change, but no biggie. You also didn’t need to tell me to enter left base 35R. If you wanted me to turn base, just say turn base. No need for duplicate pattern instructions. I also wasn’t told left/right traffic on my clearance.
  • Nice handling of the runway change back to 35L. However, my clearance was way too late, and you didn’t sequence Suhas. If an aircraft is gonna follow someone else going to the same runway, you must sequence them.

I’d recommend you give Section 3 of the ATC Manual a read; I think your grasp of the basics isn’t too solid at the moment and could use some additional improvement. That said, keep working!


Hey, I was SUHAS (I hope you already knew that.)
Things to improve:

  1. I was doing my patterns and you gave me a pattern entry to enter RDW for 35R. This is unnecessary, you only give a pattern entry to aircraft inbound or asking for a runway change.

  2. You needed to sequence me behind Toaster, but you cleared me for the option instead. First, sequence, then clear.

  3. Your clearances were pretty late, you gave toaster his when he was like at 200 feet, and you gave mine when I was on final.

  4. When me and Toaster requested a change, you never sequenced me.

Good things:

  1. Good use of extend downwind, good timing on base call. Well done.

  2. Good exit runway command, also well timed.

Sorry about my awkward taxi route lol. Over all, a good session, we are always learning!

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Thank you @Suhas, @IF787, and @ToasterStroodie for coming to my session and giving me valuable feedback. Austin Bergstrom Tower and Ground is now closed thank you for stopping by!


Only a couple things:

No left/right traffic needed every time, only the first time

I aligned with the wrong runway, but you didn’t notice, just try to not get too distracted while controlling

Better than last session! I’ll come again soon!

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You also asked for a runway change to 35L even though I
you were taking off runway 35L @IF787

Thanks for all the feedback!

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If you thought your taxi route was awkward you should come to my next session at VOHS because of the unique taxi to the runway!

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Hey, @AGForLife! I have been informed that some of the videos that I had sent you above are old and outdated and are not going to be beneficial to you. My aplogies! I will link the correct Youtube link here.

Once again, my apologies! Currently, this playlist has just six videos, so be sure to check out the ATC manual in the website for additional help and information. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a quick PM! :)

Thanks for your cooperation!

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