Age of Planes vs Performance

What are some examples of older aircraft that have outperformed newer aircraft? For example I can say that the B737 model has become a more reliable and popular plane than the B757, you can say the same about the trusty C172 and many others.

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Is this referring to the real world? And the point isn’t quite clear.

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Definitely the B-52. And the C-130. Also the F-35 has had its butt handed to it by multiple older fighters. The Bismark was sunk by old ww1 bi planes(Swordfish) instead of newer aircraft


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Maybe I would say like 767 and 787

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@Rodney_Buckland got the point. I thought the “vs” was clear. I meant the 737 came out in 67 and the 757 in the 80’s , yet I see more 737’s than 757’s or at least they are more popular

There’s also the night witches, the WW2 Russian squadron of all women that flew PO-2s, an old bi plane, and devastated the Germans at night. The PO-2 was even used during Nam and was nicknamed “bed check Charlie” by the GIs.


Omega Air still uses 707’s for privately contracted midair refueling. And of course the DC-3 still operates in many places around the globe that many contemporary aircraft cannot handle. The Lockheed P3 is still going strong after many years. In Alaska you can find many vintage aircraft still in front line bush service.


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Also the A1 Skyraider or “Spad”, slow propeller ground attack aircraft which shot down a mig-15 during Vietnam. I’m a history nerd as you can see


The Piper Cub was also used during the Vietnam conflict for forward air control, I believe. B-29s were still being used for photo recon during the Korean conflict, my old man worked on them in Seoul. The F4U corsair also had a pretty long combat life. And the COD used by the Navy for at sea replenishment is vintage.

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I think of the F16 as new version of the F4.

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B-29s were used in Korea under the designation of B-50s. And they were used as bombers during that conflict

Also, the P-51 and the F4U were bother used in Korea as ground attack aircraft. P-51 was redesignated the F-51

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Which F-4? The Phantom II or the F4U

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Interesting fact , I didn’t know that and I consider myself a history buff

F-13 was the designation for the photo recon version. This according to an eighty-six year old who flew them. Of course at that age he may tell me he flew a mercury capsule to the drive-in last week.


Phantom II idk why maybe the back end

The f4u look beefier up front imo

Looks like your right

Early B-29/B-29As that were modified for photo reconnaissance carried the F-13/F-13A designations, with “F” meaning 'photo
Huh something I didn’t know. That’s pretty cool. I’d totally be that bomber pilot that made everyone think I flew fighters buy going around and telling people I flew an “F-13”


I don’t see why manufacturers would make a new aircraft that is worse than the predecessor. The newer planes might be the same speed but definitely outperform the older models in terms of efficiency, etc…